I’ve had the privilege of working with and for several companies on a range of research and design projects, spanning from user interface and experience studies in the field, to implementation and evaluation of large-scale instructional interventions. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on!

Role: Research Consultant
What we did:

  • Developed, distributed, analyzed, and reported on student surveys measuring equitable outcomes of Building Equitable Learning Environments project
  • Presented and translated research findings to board of school leaders and teachers to identify program strengths and weaknesses, and social/demographic factors that impact inequitable outcome


Role: Intern Researcher
What we did:

  • Drafted a theoretical document on malleable measurement of science learning for rapid-cycle approaches to research and development
  • Collaborated with in-house research scientists and client researchers on operationalizing observation measures of mindset change
  • Assisted in authoring IES grant proposals, including drafting sections on measures of learning and literature review and refining research questions


Role: Research Consultant
What we did:

  • Conducted statistical analyses connecting log (behavioral) data, student and teacher surveys, state assessments, and in-house learning measures across two school years (2014-2015, 2015-2016) to identify the impact of an educational literacy game on learning and non- cognitive measures
  • Provided theoretical and empirical recommendations from cognitive and machine learning research to inform future designs of games and grant proposals

Associated Publications:

Hoxie, A.M., and Lee, A. (2017, April). Research-Driven Game Design: Translating Literacy and Motivation Research into Practice. Presented at AERA Annual Meeting 2017, San Antonio, TX.

Lee, A., and Hoxie, A.M. (2016, October). Making Game Data Actionable for Teachers. Presented at  the Meaningful Play Conference, East Lansing, MI.



Role: Research and Curriculum Specialist
What we did:

  • Developed curriculum surrounding purpose and identity formation for incoming 9th Grade students, using blended learning pedagogies
  • Critiqued and refined user experience of app developed to aid documentation and reflection of purposeful moments, in collaboration with Ideo


Role: Research Consultant
What we did:

  • Designed, oversaw, and executed an end-to-end usability study to investigate how early literacy applications on the iPad can be best delivered for pre-k aged (3-5) children
  • Analyzed and provided recommendations on how developmental constraints in game design, engagement, game mechanics, curricular elements, and instructional delivery interplay